How long can I come back for refresher training?

You can participate in the monthly class as many times as you like.

How Do I Register?

You can register right here on the site and an account detail will be given to you to make a deposit in the bank and present the deposit slip at the office to register


You can come to the office to make payment and register to starts the course.

NB: Limited seating every week, so it’s a first come first served basis

Is the one week enough?


It is enough to pick up the necessary knowledge and understanding of the markets and the charts. Remember this is not the classroom study but a practical intensive class. But then again, you have six months of coaching and support after the one-week intensive hands-on training. Which is more than enough to learn and trade to make money

What do I need to start trading?

Any device you can connect to the internet. A pc, smart phone, tablet.

Is it profitable?

It is. Dependant on your skills

It is not. Dependent on lack of skills

How much can I make daily or monthly trading forex?

If anyone tells you that you can make this specific amount of money daily or weekly or monthly, you are being lied to or worse still, scammed.

How much you get to make or lose on the forex market is based on your skill level, how the market has been moving(volatility) and a dozen other reasons.

That is why we are here to take your hand and walk you through the choppy roller-coaster emotions and analytical way to trade to make money or to reduce your chances of losing money.

Who is the Course NOT for?

It isn’t designed for folks that are looking to get-rich-quick, haven’t considered their finances going forward, have a negative attitude or don’t want to put in the work… Simple as that.

Who is the Course for?

Forex Trading Academy designs its course for ambitious individuals of all experience levels from complete beginners to seasoned traders. The course has been designed to be beautifully simple whilst delivering the highest value of knowledge the market has to offer.

Don’t worry about the ins and outs, we will take care of you!

What if I Have no Experience?

Well, you’re in the right hands! All of our training is stripped down to its most simple form to allow novice traders to understand every aspect of the course whilst keeping it in-depth to hold the attention of more experienced individuals.

No matter if you are a complete beginner or an experienced trader with 3 years in the field, you will find value in our courses.

Is This Only for Forex Traders?

The Beginners Course is forex based, it will teach you everything you need to know in order to trade forex and make money.

However, the trading strategy you will learn can be applied to commodities, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and various other financial markets with slight changes in approach.

Most of our beginner trainees trade forex and commodities.

Is it Really Step-by-Step?

Absolutely! Our courses are designed for all experience levels.

No guesswork, just follow the system.

How Long Does it Take to go Through the Course?

Each course varies.

The Beginner’s level is one week (Mon-Friday) intensive class plus six months of coaching and support.

The Intermediate is Four Weekends and three months of coaching and support

The Advanced level is Four weekends and a lifetime of access to the Training Academy.

Not to mention you will have bonus videos and downloadable resources to work through.

Many students complete the 14-day course within 5 days and others within 1 month, the amount of time it takes is completely down to you as an individual.

So, what do I get with your course?

  1. Intensive and Comprehensive Tuition
  2. 6 months of coaching and support
  3. Training Materials & Books
  4. Certificate
  5. Client Membership ID
  6. Reliable Trading Softwares 14-day course
  7. WhatsApp group membership for all trained clients.
  8. Updates and ongoing support.

What Exactly do I get?

As soon as registration and payment has been received, you will gain immediate access to all our training and manuals.

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