Make money with your smart devices – Forex Analyst urges young graduates

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Director of Forex Trading Academy, Lennis Glover, has urged Ghanaians to explore new ways of working that involves hiring of independent contractors and freelancers instead of full-time workers.

Speaking during a web seminar organised in collaboration with the Greater Accra Regional Chapter of the National Service Personnel Association (NASPA), Mr. Glover urged young graduates to embrace the ‘gig economy’ which is based on flexible, temporary jobs, often involving the use of the Internet and touted as the future of work.

According to him, the ‘gig economy’ offers the opportunity to utilize one’s natural skills to make a living while having the convenience and time to engage in other things.

“The gig economy gives individuals the chance to generate revenue using their talents and skills without relying on full-time employment,” he said.

“The coronavirus health crisis presents an opportunity for young graduates to use their smart mobile devices to position themselves to be able to provide services to a large section of people while implementing things they already know such as computer programming, web design, driving, and product marketing.”

He said the introduction of the Internet and widely-improved communication technology is fast ushering the world into the 5th industrial revolution known as the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Age which young Africans can take advantage of by creating software solutions to cater for Africans instead of relying on foreign companies.

According to Mr. Glover, foreign-owned tech companies generate billions of dollars worth of revenue from data mining as well as paid subscriptions, thus Africa’s over reliance on them puts her at a disadvantage in the business world.

He said Africa can take a cue from China by embarking upon a deliberate duplication of all social media and e-commerce platforms to serve the interest of its people as they work to earn an influential position in global trade.

He further indicated that understanding and actively participating in global trade will be a panacea to Africa’s socio-economic progress and development.

The Forex Analyst and Professional Trader, urged aspiring traders to seek expert advice and tuition from reputable institutions such as the Forex Trading Academy to nurture them to become successful in the global financial market.


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